Welcome to Asbury Park

In 2001, I launched the website AsburyBoardwalk.com. My purpose was to provide a look at what had been prior - prior to 1984. For the most part, Asbury Park was already gone.

Slowly there was hope. People were buying homes to fix them up. The boardwalk was getting some attention. In 2007 when Madison Marquette Retail came in and starte taking control of the boardwalk.

Homeowners took pride in their homes. Cookman Avenue, once boarded up was getting energized.

So here in 2016, some 15 years after I started the website - it's whole new world.

For those of you who miss my "old" memory website, I am in the process of copying it over. See Old Memories of Asbury Park section for old stories, photos and post cards from the collection.

The Beach

Memories of Old Asbury