Ocean Grove Boardwalk

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Ocean Grove  Boardwalk, New Jersey

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Ocean Grove, New Jersey is the restored town across Wesley Lake, to the south of Asbury Park.

 Since 2000, Ocean Grove began to come back to life as the original, quaint village by the sea. Almost all of the houses have been restored to the original styles, thanks in part to the Ocean Grove Historical Committee nd Architectural Reviews.

Ocean Grove was founded by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in 1869 as a Methodist summer seashore community and it remains the longest-active camp meeting site in the United States.

An Old Postcard of Ocean Grove, Wesley Lake

Ocean Grove Wesley Lake

Ocean Grove retained its independence until a court ruling in 1981 nullified the Camp Meeting Associationís municipal authority. Ocean Grove became part of Neptune Township, New Jersey. The Camp Meeting still owns all the land in town and leases it to homeowners and businesses for 99-year renewable terms. The Camp Meeting Association currently keeps its beach closed on Sunday mornings between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm and Ocean Grove is still "dry", that is, the sale of all alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Besides the town's many Victorian homes, the 6,000-seat Great Auditorium, a formidable wooden structure constructed in 1894, is Ocean Grove's most prominent building. It encompasses an area larger than a football field and faces Ocean Pathway (once listed as one of the ten most beautiful streets in America) and serves as the centerpiece of the summer programs. Known for its excellent acoustics, the Auditorium is the site of numerous concerts and popular entertainment shows as well as religious services.

On the Boardwalk you can eat at Theo's or buy beach items in one of the stores. You can walk through the in process renovation of the Asbury Park Casino or head south to Bradley Beach. You can walk along the Wesley lake which divides Asbury Park from Ocean Grove. Take a footbridge over the lake and head towards Asbury Park's new downtown shops along Cookman Avenue. There are no rides on the Ocean Grove Boardwalk. Bike riding is permitted until 10 am. After that, you should just ride a bike up and down the narrow streets and take in the beauty of the Victorian buildings and don't miss the "Tent City". Bring a camera.

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