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Asbury Park
David Dorfman
Gilman Commercial
Asbury Park Gay Community

Long before condos began to rise, the rumors of an up and coming Gay Community in Asbury Park was spreading around the country. And spread it did. Many of the old Victorian homes that were once chopped into multi-units were purchased and returned back to single family homes. Several new gay owned businesses moved in. The Asbury Park Gay Pride festival was formed. A new website was started hosting local events and supporting change in government and community. Not just for the Gay Community, but for a better city.

The Empress Hotel was purchased and transformed first into a high energy club, Club Paradise, with an emphasis on Gay clients, but where anyone can go and dance up a storm on the weekends. The hotel was then transformed back to it's former glory and reopened with 101 rooms on the Ocean.

Ever since then,  many homes and businesses have been restored opened and the crowds come. Come to drive around again, go to the beach and to the businesses throughout the city.

Asbury Park is gay-friendly. The community is represented in many public positions - school board, council, public services and more. The first gay marriage / civil union in NJ was performed here.

The voices have played an important role in transforming Asbury Park from "what happened" to where it is today and continues to grow and thrive for ALL to enjoy.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

Gilman Commercial Realty

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