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Asbury Park

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Asbury Park
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Murray Fleck - 2003

I remember the baby parade of 1934, my sister Nan was in it.  I remember the Morro Castle, the boardwalk collapse, and the beginning of parking meters installed for the sight seers.  I remember going to Bond Street Grammar School, being a safety crossing guard and getting in to see the Asbury Park Blue Bishops football team for free.  I remember the Main Central hotel fire, and I remember the Monterey Hotel, and the Drug Store at the Berkley Carteret--My uncle owned it.  I remember the tulips in all the parks.  I remember the St. James, the Mayfair and the Lyric theaters as well as the Paramount.  I remember Steinbach's, People's Drug store and all the wonderful businesses on Cookman Avenue.

I have many, many more beautiful memories of Asbury Park, but seeing it 5 years ago on Memorial Day, I remembered crying at the desolation.  The movie "City by the Sea" made the tears come again.  When will we ever see that marvelous little Jewel of the Jersey Shore get back some of its former glory?
...and a follow-up snippet:  Being only 42 (me) you really never did know the pre WW2 view of Asbury.  It was an unbelievable lovely place. 

Edward Russo

My father worked with the late actor Vic Morrow at Skillo it was a bingo parlor. My father and brother would tell me stories how they met the Three Stooges on the Boardwalk. I remember the greatest drink was those orange drinks but I cannot remember the name (Kohr's).I can also remember the trolly car that would take you up and down the Boardwalk. Or sneaking under the railings and trying to get on the beach without paying. Another interesting fact - I can  when the actor Danny Devito would cut my mothers hair! he worked for his sister in a local beauty Parlor. Those where the days. I am 40 now and it feels like yesterday I was a kid in Asbury Park.Oh before I go My uncle worked the Merry-go-Round at the Palace. I remember if you grabbed a gold ring you would win a prize. So what I did that day at home I sprayed painted the metal ring gold. But it did not work. They checked the rings with a magnet to see if it was really a brass ring or metal! In any case I cannot believe that someone cannot bring Asbury Park back to life again Beachfronts are so valuable someone with a vision can turn it around. Look at South Beach that was a hell hole full of drugs and hookers. Now look!!!! I know one day it will change!!!!
God Bless Asbury Park and all my great memories!!!

From John Stoneman - 

You've got a great website on Asbury Park ....... I have  one page on my site about "the circuit" you may want to check out.

US: Check out his EXCELLENT view of the "CIRCUIT"  

No mention of John Bass the boardwalk artist?   John Bass IS the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Not only did he spend more time painting, and performing on the boardwalk than any other person alive, but he was a "main attraction" for may people for many years.  He still paints on the boardwalk (behind the Howard Johnson's) when ever there is a crowd (like the Springsteen thing a while back, and the Asbury Music Fest last year). Actually John Bass and I were "Boardwalk Performers (guitar) .......... In the late 70's ....... We played all night long, every night of the week from 75-76 to about 1980.   No mention or memory of us? We played at the first bench north of the Casino, right across form the guy who guessed your weight.  We were a "fixture" of the Asbury Boardwalk ..............besides the boardwalk, we also occasionally played Mrs. Jays on slow days, or if a band canceled at the last minute.  PS- John Bass is a good source for detailed information on the Boardwalk.   John Stoneman Be sure to visit my Stoneman Guitars website at : See the Guitar Shop cam

Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

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