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Asbury Park

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Asbury Park
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Mrs Jays, the Palace,and a magic kiss....


In the mid 1950's when we visited Asbury Park our family stayed at cabins on the farm of Mr. & Mrs. Davis.  These cabins were about 20 minutes outside of Asbury Park.  I remember a field with cows behind the five or so log cabins. 

The only landmark that my mother can remember is that we went to the Neptune Restaurant when we were vacationing.

 We also visited Storyland on our way to this place.  Can anyone give me more information as to where this farm was located and what may have happened to the property.

Thanks, Barbara

The old Homestead...

I'm 66 yrs old & have lived in KY for many years. However, I spent all my young summers with my Aunt & Uncle in Wayne, NJ. Some of my favorite memories are the trips we made to Asbury Park each year. The merry-go-round facinated me (& they still do). We always ate at the Homestead Restaurant where we could sit & watch the waves roll in. We walked the boardwalk & always had to have a few boxes of Salt Water Taffy to take home to remember our visit. I'm so glad Asbury Park is being revitalized. I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Jeane Layer

On Life then and now....and Asbury
Thank you for including my rambling on your website. It was nice thinking about some of the old times. What they are doing there, in AP, is pretty neat. Personally, I think we should be thinking about Asbury Park the way we could view the Steinbach building and what has transpired there. It was constructed for one use, and it served that purpose well. It was a wonderful place to shop. The building is still wonderful, but not primarily as a place to shop. Now it is a wonderful place to live, to consider home, to watch TV in, to serve dinner to your loved ones, to feed the hamster in, to clean out the refrigerator, maybe to take your last gasping breath in. Who knows? Asbury Park, in my opinion, shouldn't focus on returning to it's former anything. As desirable as that may seem to us, the sad reality is, It ain't happening. Those fantastic blow up postcards in the Casino of Asbury Park at the turn of the century are from a bygone, never to be repeated era. People flocked to the ocean because they were HOT. 
They didn't have air conditioners. They didn't have a lot of options of things to do, places to go. They dipped in the ocean for pragmatic reasons as well as the aesthetic. (SIC?) The ocean still draws us because it is magnificent, one of the wonders of creation. But we have to think in terms of now, and the way our reality is in this day. For instance, arcades are fun but how many kids will play one of those games with an XBOX 360 in their room. Hey, we are a relatively poor family and even we have PS2 XBox 2 360s and a big screen TV to play it on. Am I going to go to the arcade and spend $2 to play a game with the Live on at home that allows me to play games with kids in Japan or England or anywhere in the entire world? Sorry, see there I go again rambling! I'm sorry the Mayfair is gone, but there is nothing we can do about it. It is never coming back. They are not going to build anything like it. And I guess they shouldn't. It too, had its day and that day is gone. And so am I. I gotta go to bed so I can rise with the sun. Thanks again. Kathleen

Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

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