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Asbury Park

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Asbury Park
David Dorfman
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Douglas Marsden Jr. 1980's

I remember Asbury Park in its period of decline from about 1984-1988. Every summer my family would visit my grandparents who had a house on Shark River. And my sister and I would literally beg my parents to take us over to Asbury Park to go on the Ferris Wheel or to the carousel or the other miscellaneous rides. My Personal favorite memory is my first trip through the Asbury Park Circus Fun House. That was probably round 1988 or 87, my last trip there. I remember my dad commenting how this place would be gone within the next few years and how we would never come back, sure enough he was right it was gone in the next 3 years. 2 Years ago, my friends and I visited the aging Asbury Boardwalk, and I was distressed at the conditions of the once majestic boardwalk. My friends had never been to Asbury while it was still opened up so I pointed out all the former highlights. When I look at the photos of the desolate boardwalk now I try not to focus on the bad points but rather I see an area still loaded with promise. I can see a bustling boardwalk, rides and amusements to rival seaside. I can see people from all races, creeds, and walks of life bringing their children there to experience the fun and beauty of this historic place on the Coast

Summer night on the Boardwalk - Rick Mekeel

My family vacationed in Ocean Grove from at least 1955 when I was born until I was 16 or 17 years old.  Every night after a long day on the South End beach we would walk up to Asbury to go on the rides and walk through the shops.  There are so many things I remember!  The gold ring on the merry-go-round in the Palace, the grouchy old man who ran the push arm machines in the Palace.  They were enclosed in glass so you could see the prizes spinning round and round.  We would put our fingerprints all over the glass just to rile him up.  Also in the Palace was the Tilt-a-Whirl, The Funhouse, the Rock-o-Plane, the big Ferris wheel and of course Ski Ball.  In later years the put up the self propelled cage ride by the lake where the little motor boats were.  After the Palace we would go back out on the Boardwalk and go up as far as Convention Hall.  Once past Convention Hall there was only one or two more shops and then deserted Boardwalk.  We would head back home, maybe grab a piece of taffy or a Waffle and Ice Cream.  Just before you got back to OG there was a little nook where you could buy what seemed like any flavor soda in the world for a nickel.  It was set up like an automat with each flavor behind its own door.  Remember the guy who drew portraits in a little building in front of the North End Hotel?  (Zad or Zack?)  I remember the Casino being on fire and watching it burn from the beach.  I’d love to hear from any one with more memories. Thanks, DADSBUZ@AOL>COM

Kingsley Arms Hotel

I remember Asbury when it was alive. I owned the Kingsley Arms Hotel for two years and lived in Asbury for that time. It was the an amazing two years.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

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