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Asbury Park

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Asbury Park
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From Barry Scharf - Mr. Fascination.... and great artist.

Yes ! I know that place that Bruce Springsteen is talking about in his recent Hall of Fame Speach.
Asbury Park was different for each of my dad's 4 boys but in most ways we all experienced it in a deep way.
Raised behind my fathers store... J. Scharf Inc. on the wrong side of the tracks on Springwood Ave.
Growing up was not always easy. I remember the "Fall of Asbury Park" in the 1969 riots. But that is not what I want to talk about here because there are many such negative stories to be told from many who experienced the violence, racism and destruction that came in it's wake. Rather

I remember childhood. This is what I remember.

To me it meant warm summer nights,  as a young boy I would go under the boardwalk and find coins that were dropped between the cracks, I remember finding silver dollars and half dollars and quarters and even once I found a diamond ring. I remember I gave it to my mom as a present but not much was made of it I guess she thought it wasn't
real (it was real though). Kisses on the beach with my first love in the clean smell of salt air. The boardwalk held my first job at 16 as a caller in the Casino " Role the ball under the glass over the incline into the pocket, a winner ever game every time in the house of lights. Fascinating game play in Fascination! So come in grab a seat if you don't already have one, one dime to play and win."

So many fun things to do, I was never board. I loved all the movie theaters and blockbuster premieres for a kid growing up in a resort town, summers were the best of times. And when I could drive there was the drive in movie park on the highway. Getting a deep tan on the beach and watching my brother Ray win all the events in the lifeguard swimming tournament. I was always so proud of him. I fell in love with all his girlfriends and then there was that great Saltwater taffy and cotton candy, Yum. I remember meeting and shaking hands with Barry Goldwater when his helicopter landed in front of the convention center, and meeting all the Big time wrestlers from TV's WF on the beach. I just wish I could have gotten into the Stone Pony to hear Bruce play. I wish I could have met him then. I wish I could do it all again!
My wife and I just saw Bruce and the E Street Band a few months ago here in Seattle. He is a great performer, generous to a fault he did not take a break and played for two and a half hours to a packed arena. Brought me to tears.

Love to Asbury Park

Barry Scharf

BWS Art Studio
425-868-3305 di



Asbury Park

Asbury Park
David Dorfman

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