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MAIN STREET - Asbury Park

Main Street. 

What more could one ask for as the new Main Street takes shape? 

Many of store fronts have been updated and new stores are opening on and right off Main Street. In addition to the Boardwalk, the new shops and restaurants opening on Main Street will help you complete your day in Asbury Park.  

Southern Main Street: Wesley Lake, The City Transportation Center and Asbury Park City Hall.  The Asbury Park Post Office is wonderful historic building.  Restaurants on Main Street and Cookman Avenue with new shops and restaurants. Just 5 miles, by the Garden State Parkway, is Jersey Garden Premium Outlets. Just a few steps over Wesley Lake, is historic Ocean Grove - no need to hike down to Cape May. 

In 2008, jumping on the then hot real estate market and a need to "clean up" Main Street, the city expanded redevelopment areas to include Main Street. One version of the plan is here . One of the immediate ideas that would be nice is to covert Main Street from 2 lanes in either direction to a single lane in either direction, with a center median. Of course the rest of the plans included housing to go along with retail and service needs. Many of the buildings along main street have some industrial or warehouse use as the west side buildings border the railroad tracks.

Along Main Street -   

Central Main Street: The gateway to the Boardwalk - Asbury Ave. On the corner of Asbury Ave and Main Street is the Asbury Park Fire Dept. the building is over 100 years old - and somehow, they manage to keep it running. They have a great website here.

Northern End of Main Street:  Deal Lake Border. Sunset Park and Sunset Lake with views to Convention Hall. Walk along Deal Lake to the Ocean or cross the bridge and Deal Lake and walk around a unique Loch Arbor. McDonalds, 7-11, WaWa, Dunkin Donuts, Franks Deli (a must)...

The old main street (see real old photos...) featured an A&P, Army Navy Store, Hertz, Two Guys from Harrison Store and all the major car dealers - Ford, Chevrolet and more. Frank's Deli is still here. (Notice I repeat myself on Frank's Deli).


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