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Asbury Park
David Dorfman
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Froggies 819-821 Boardwalk 1982-1985

We are looking for photos of Froggies on the Boardwalk 1982 - 1985 or the operations before that - Barbara Jeans and the Wafffle House and Ed Padness and Howard Heiss to 1981.. Email us.
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The Deposit.

Before the boardwalk was sold the City of Asbury Park owned the boardwalk and buildings. To obtain a lease, you had to submit a sealed bid. My mother, for some reason, had a copy of this receipt.  As you can see, our total bid was for $13,001.00. I think we had around a 5% advertising fee and other charges as well. We were young. Included in our our bid was $1801.00 in cash. It's on the receipt. I recall Frank Forientino asking " that more then we get now..well then OK" . Lucky us.  Things were fun then. 1981.

The Receipt

Grandma Jean

Grandma Jean first lived on 2nd Ave, then Asbury Towers after she moved out of our house. She ran the Hadassah Thrift shop. She also told me "you're just like your grandfather...if he had a dime left in his pocket, he'd figure out how to spend it..". I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Sounded like he was a fun guy. That's where the advertising side comes from. Here she is, checking up on her investment.

That was the opening. Now the story of business "failure". That's our friend Greg Marcinkiewicz and Mike Dombowicki helping pack up.  Below, my partner Kevin Devine. She Kevin back in 1969 on the boardwalk. We had fun.

Go to page two of the 1985 closing party.
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Asbury Park

Asbury Park
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