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Boardwalk Recipes....

Watch out Martha Stewart - the publisher here is revealing the secrets of Boardwalk Food. Do you have a favorite Boardwalk food or food question? Do you have a secret recipe? Email our crack junk food reporter for an answer.

NOTE: WE ORIGINALLY DID THIS PIECE BACK IN 2001 when the boardwalk was EMPTY - and we dreamed of the OLD Asbury food stands. 

The Asbury Park Boardwalk today is vastly different - a whole new kind of food and dining experience - but still has some hints of boardwalks past.

Also see: 

Boardwalk Food Fun
Cotton Candy | Taylor Pork Roll | Hot Dogs | Steak Sandwiches | Sausage and Peppers | Kohr's Frozen Custard | Pizza | Ice Cream | Hamburgers | Waffles and Ice Cream

Secret Recipe for Waffles and Ice Cream:  - Ingredients: Shoprite Frozen Waffles, 2 Scoops Ice Cream (yes, you may select 2 different flavors, maybe 3 smaller scoops), Wax Paper.

- Toast the Waffles to the desired level of crispness (you need 2 to make a sandwich)

- Remove the Waffles from the Toaster.

- Place the 2 Waffle Halves in a piece of the Wax Paper. Lay on Counter. When you get real good at it, hold the paper and waffles in your hand.

- Scoop the Ice Cream onto one side of the Waffles.

- Fold over the other waffle half. Squish a little down. Serve with the Wax Paper. That way it drips all over and you feel like it was a hot summer night on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

Recipe courtesy of: Froggie's Waffle House. Formerly located in the First Ave Pavilion. See more Boardwalk Recipes and Secrets.

NOTE: A reader pointed out: What a travesty!!!  Waffles and ice cream was much more than a warmed over frozen waffle with ice cream in the middle.  The waffle was made fresh on a sizzling hot waffle iron.  The secret recipe for the waffle was just that -- a secret... with cinnamon and sugar.  I have been all over the country and I have yet to taste a waffle as good.  You have done this culinary delight a disservice.  By the way, I was born and raised in Asbury Park; I worked on the boardwalk for 4 summers in a row in the late 60's early 70's and I know the person who came up with the secret recipe for the Waffles

Hotdogs: Read our guide about those great boardwalk hot dogs. Shipping may be available. 

Cotton Candy: Secret Recipe - SUGAR.  Learn about Cotton Candy. I still have the cool sign from the old Barbara Jean's Waffle House....

Ice Cream: No one was to fancy there. No McFlurries or anything. Dolly Madison Ice Cream was the secret Ice Cream in those giant containers that everyone loved. Delivered by Tommy's Ice Cream of Neptune. Delivered by the boss himself. May he rest in peace.

Salt Water Taffy: The argument could go on about who made the best Salt Water Taffy on the Asbury Park Boardwalk - Criterion Candies or The Berkley Sweet Shop.  Luckily, Criterion still operates. Now they are in Eatontown, New Jersey. But they will ship anywhere. Yippee! They almost reveal their secret Salt Water Taffy handed down from 3 generations... but they don't. We found and tested a recipe for Salt Water Taffy - take a look....

Crushed Ice Cones: Nope. Not going to reveal this one. OK. Big old steel tank, place ice in tank. Hit a button. Hold paper cone under dispenser and out comes little chunks of ice. Squirt some flavored syrup over it. Now called Hawaiian Shaved Ice, predecessor to a Slurpee. Read a story that the founder of Baskin-Robbins started selling little chips of ice in early 1900's for .10 piece.

Kohr's Ice Cream: East Coast boardwalk lovers. There is no way you can say you've visited the shore without tasting a Kohr's Custard or had a fresh Orange Juice. Since 1919. Learn more about the TWO Kohrs families and the tradition that continues today. Yummy. Full Story here.

My favorite: "Orange Shake". I think the Kohr's girls made this special for me! - Here's my home version of it:
 - Edy's Vanilla Custard  - 2 scoops in a glass. Add some Tropicana Pulp Style (Home style) Orange Juice.  Add crushed Ice. Mix by hand or in a blender.
The Summer House Cookbook: Everything You Need to Cook at Your Summer House and Entertain in Your Own Backyard
Sausage and Peppers - for those of us who slaved over a grill on  a hot summer day - you can never forget the smell of the Sausage, Peppers and Onions. A couple of simple rules - if you cut the sausage while it is cooking  - all the juice runs from the casing. Just let them simmer over a grill. Simmer the Onions and Peppers with some olive oil or butter - shake some pepper over them to taste. Serve on a lightly toasted Italian Roll-  a real one. Add sauce to top it off.

Taylor Pork Roll and Cheese - Learn more about Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. Get yours delivered today. Can you say Pork Roll and Cheese.

Cheese steaks - Most of the places used something similar to a Steak-Umm- a frozen slab of meat tossed on a flat grill on simmered for a few minutes. Usually served with cheese American, Provolone, peppers, onions and sauce. We never had it as good as the real Philly Cheese Steak - see the real recipe by Pat's King of Steaks in Philly.

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